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  • Automatic Emergency Braking "AEB"

    With the help of PCW (predictive collision warning) and EBA (emergency braking assist), this function allows Azkarra to identify vehicles and non-motorized vehicles that could be involved in potential collisions. The system promptly reminds or intervenes in braking to avoid dangerous accidents or reduce losses caused by collision.

  • Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keeping Assist

    The video imaging system in the front camera detects lane edges to measure the distance and orientation of the vehicle relative to the left and right lane lines. Once the vehicle deviates from its own lane and shows a tendency to touch the lane line, the system draws the driver's attention through an instrument sound alarm or the EPS system provides the driver with gentle steering control to return the vehicle to its own lane.

  • Intelligent Cruise Control System

    Measures distance from the vehicle ahead and controls acceleration and deceleration to maintain a safe following distance with the help of remote radar sensor installed under the front bumper.

  • Intelligent High Beam Control

    Utilizes front camera to detect oncoming vehicles or vehicles in front to automatically switch from high beam to low beam so as to prevent nearby traffic participants from dazzling.

  • Full-Range 360° Panoramic Camera

    Four wide-angle HD cameras are located in tactical positions on the Azkarra’s exterior. The front and rear cameras can show a field of view of up to 90 meters. The images display in 720p on the Infotainment Screen.

  • 12.3-inch HD Infotainment Touch Screen

    Nestled right at the center of your dashboard is the hub for all you need to enjoy your drive. Music, movies, safety settings, and more – all at your fingertips.

  • 7-inch LCD Instrument Panel

    Easy to read and displayed in full color, the Instrument Panel has all you need to know about your drive.

  • Premium Nappa Leather Seats

    Add a touch of exquisite sophistication to your comfortable ride.

  • Panoramic Sky Sunroof

    Open up to an expansive world of breathtaking possibilities. 18% glass transmittance, 100% shading efficiency and maximum anti-reflection and UV protection.

  • 42-Color Ambient Lighting

    Set the right mood for your ride.

  • Rear A/C Vents

  • Wireless Charging

    Don’t hassle yourself with tangled wires. Just place your phone on the wireless charging pad and you are all set.

  • Electronic Shifter

  • Drive Mode Selector

    Shift between four drive modes – Comfort, Eco, Off-road, and Sport – all with a turn of a dial.

  • Electronic Tailgate

    With one touch, the tailgate will open automatically. When blocked during the process of closing, the tailgate will stop immediately and then return to maximum height. Position memory lets the tailgate raise to its desired position after setting.

  • Auto Dynamic Diamond LED Headlamps

  • Electric folding of rearview side mirrors

  • LED Tail lights

  • 18" Alloy wheels


Basic Parameters Azkarra 1.5TD+6AT Azkarra 1.5TD+7DCT+48V EMS
Dimensions L*W*H (mm)  4544*1831*1713
Wheelbase (mm) 2670
Unladen mass (kg) 1610 1705
Trunk Volume(L) 377.8
Fuel tank capacity (L) 58
Engine Type 1.5 TD
Displacement (L) 1.477
Maximum power (KW/rpm) 132/5500 132/5500
Maximum torque (N.m/rpm) 265 / 1500-4000 265 / 1500-4000
Maximum combined power (kW) 140
Maximum combined torque (N.m) 300
Fuel consumption (Combined KM/L) 15.3 17.3
Maximum speed (km/h) 200
Emission standard Euro VI
Transmission 6AT 7 DCT
Drive mode 2WD 4WD
Front/Rear suspension Macpherson Independent Suspension / Multi-Link Independent Torsion Beam Suspension
Power steering type Electric Power Steering
Front/rear brake Ventilated Disc/Solid Disc