About Us


A vehicle does not simply consist of metal, plastic, and rubber. It is the total The company focuses on global design trends of the industry and retains characteristic features. Geely Design is a young, dynamic global team. Geely Design is a forefront of every piece manufactured by Geely. It cooperates with subsidiary brands included in Geely Auto group of companies, such as LYNK & CO and London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC).


Cars is a moving piece of art, they have their genuine aura,open for everybody,and provoke special feelings in the audience. Car is a unique idea embodied in metal and plastic.

It is the result of the cooperative input of people having designed and manufactured it.

Excellent cars are born from excellent design. Geely Design goal is to make excellent cars a reality, working in close knit with our engineers.

Peter Hobury

Executive Vice President of Design

Peter Hobury is a legendary name in the automotive industry. Acting as the executive vice president for design, he manages the development of Geely Auto and new brand — LYNK & CO. Based in design center in Scotland, he manages the development of four Geely design studios, from Shanghai to Barcelona, from Gothenburg to California. Through implementation of the cutting-edge communication technologies Peter has an opportunity of online review of the project deliverables of each studio.

Guy Burgoyne

Shanghai Design Chief

Guy Burgoyne is a man shrouded in mystery; British by birth, Swedish by career and Australian by accent, he is a product of the global automotive industry.

Justin Scully

Interior Design

Justin attended the Royal College of Art where he studied vehicle design, graduating in 1999.

After working with some of the biggest and most well-known automotive brands where brand history is etched in stone and culture is brought from one generation of vehicle to the next Justin joined Geely Design Shanghai.

Mat Nicolson

Clay Sculptor

Mat Nicolson is the creator of visions; his work is to carve out full scale design models in malleable clay. These clay models are created to facilitate the design of our cars in their earliest stages. This is literally the first time a designers idea appears as a physical object. These sculptures of ideas, will be continuously modified by hand until the design team is satisfied, creating a tangible three dimensional vision of how the production cars will eventually look.