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22 May 2019

GeelyAuto presents its vision for the future of autonomous driving at DragonBayForum.

Geely plans to develop Level 4 (L4) autonomous driving systems with V2X and 5G support by 2022

Geely’s automated parking system will provide automatic parking and the ability to call an unmanned vehicle

Geely will help transform Ningbo in Hangzhou Bay into a smart city and self-driving zone

Geely sold over 450,000 vehicles with Level 2 (L2) autonomous driving technology in 2019, making it an industry leader

Geely Auto Group unveiled its vision for the future of autonomous driving at the annual Dragon Bay Forum 2019, which brought together government officials as well as automotive, telecommunications and IT companies.

As one of the leaders in self-driving technology in China, Geely Auto Group was among the first to develop Level 2 (L2) autonomy technologies. In the first four months of 2019, Geely Auto sold over 450,000 vehicles equipped with these systems, making them some of the safest on the road.

As an Official Partner of the 2022 Asian Games, Geely Auto is committed to developing autonomous driving solutions to be used during the ‘Enjoy mobility at the Asian Games with Geely’ event. By 2022, Geely Auto will create a fully autonomous system that will use 5G network technologies, edge computing and vehicle communication technologies with V2X infrastructure. This system is being designed with the aim of creating autonomous vehicles that will transport athletes and spectators of the 2022 Asian Games between the key venues of the event.

As a next step, Geely will develop an automated parking system that will allow vehicles to be parked and called to the desired location autonomously using V2X systems and 5G networks. A Geely Auto study found that in major cities such as Beijing, drivers spend up to 30 minutes a day looking for a parking space. At the same time, Shanghai drivers spend up to 25 minutes each time they leave their cars in large car parks in shopping malls or supermarkets and go shopping. Geely’s automated parking system will make this process more convenient and faster.

Also, as part of the Dragon Bay Forum, an agreement was signed between Geely Auto Group and the government of Ningbo to create an autonomous driving zone in Hangzhou Bay, as well as transform it into a smart city. Starting in August 2019, the installation of road sensors, edge computing, and V2X and 5G solutions will help create a fully integrated system that will allow autonomous vehicles to communicate with other vehicles and the infrastructure around them.

“The goal of intelligent autonomous driving is to create a safe, reliable system that allows vehicles and infrastructure to communicate seamlessly,” said Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Holding Group.

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, the parent company of Geely Auto Group, has already entered into a number of strategic alliance agreements with leading technology providers, including China Telecom, which will work with Geely Auto Group to implement 5G and V2X applications.

“Geely Auto is committed to becoming a technology leader with autonomous driving technology as one of its main tools. We are currently focusing on the development of fourth degree (L4) autonomy systems that are suitable for both the Chinese and global markets, ”comments Anh Tsonghui, President and CEO of Geely Auto Group.

About company:

Geely in Russia (GILI-MOTORS LLC, is a subsidiary of Geely International Corporation and the exclusive distributor of the Geely brand in Russia. At the moment, the company’s dealer network is represented in 49 Russian cities and includes 59 dealer centers. The Geely lineup is represented by the flagship Geely Atlas crossover, the Emgrand GT business sedan, the Emgrand 7 sedan, and the Emgrand X7 crossover.

Geely Holding Group, founded in 1986, is today one of the leading Chinese automakers with a presence in the home and overseas markets. Geely Holding Group includes China’s largest private automaker Geely Auto, Volvo, Malaysian Proton and Britain’s Lotus. The holding also includes Lynk & Co, London Electric Vehicle Company, a manufacturer of flying cars, Terrafugia, and one of the world’s largest transmission manufacturers, Drivetrain Systems International (DSI). Geely Holding Group owns 12 factories in China and 6 more around the world, as well as research centers in China, Sweden and England, design bureaus in Shanghai, Gothenburg, Barcelona and Los Angeles.

Geely Design is a global studio network working for Geely Auto Group brands including Geely Auto and LYNK & CO. The design centers are located in Shanghai, Gothenburg, Barcelona, Coventry and California and are led by Peter Horbury, Senior Vice President of Design at Geely Auto Group.