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Universal Platform

Everyone should get a good car. In order to create such a car, a special general platform and architecture has been developed. Using these vehicles, you can produce good cars in a short time in a cost-effective way, And regularly expand the model series to take into account the current trend of the automobile industry. In the future, Geely will focus on the following platforms.

CMA- C segment Modular Architecture

The next step in the process of unifying SUV module platform is to develop automobile structure. The first step for Geely Auto in this direction is to build a compact modular structure( A flexible and large-scale middle class vehicle CMA structure combines the advanced ideas of European researchers with the latest technologies from all over the world. The building is expected to become the basis for new products at Volvo line, lynk and Geely Auto. More efficient use of scale than conventional platforms, The new structure can be used in a variety of small and medium-sized vehicle models, including sedans, hatches, carriages, SUVs, SUVs, etc.

BMA- B segment Modular Architecture

Highly flexible and scalable architecture meeting the requirements for Euro A to B-segment vehicles including SUVs, sedan, crossovers, wagons, and MPVs. Equipped with traditional powertrain, MHEV, HEV, PHEV and other powertrain types. Create a relaxed and pleasant driving experience for young people. High space utilization rate, successfully achieve “small car with large space”, More than 500 million reliability verification mileage.